“Everyone likes a good ghost story…”

“Yeah, right.” That’s what they all say… especially if they aren’t included in the picture. People are obsessed with ghost stories or the paranormal since Halloween and All Saints’ Day is just around the corner. I smirked as I type furiously on the keyboard.

The cleaning lady has just left the house. She seemed worried as she gave me one last glance before heading out the door. Oh, yeah… I forgot. I still have bruises on my arms and legs not to mention the angry red cut on my right leg. That probably explains why she looked sorry for me. Most people won’t be able to stay in the same place where they have been attacked, but not me… I have no emotional qualms about it.

However,  my story doesn’t begin here. We’ll come back to all this, don’t worry. You need to know where it all began 30 years ago. Listen! I don’t have much time, neither do you.

My name is Luna and this is my story.